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Sound Clash - Death In The Arena

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Sound Clash

Sound Clash - Death In The Arena, is a new production conceived by Levi Roots, the man who brought us Reggae, Reggae Sauce!


It is the world's first theatrical show to bring the hugely popular and influential form of dancehall and sound system entertainment, its culture and clash competition element, onto the mainstream stage.


It’s a musical, but not as we know it… this time the music is Reggae, Ska and Dancehall, and not sung by the cast, but played from a proper heavy-weight sound system!


This is a contemporary Romeo & Juliet meets West Side Story set in a dystopian future.  Enter Sound city; where music is everything, and two warring sound systems – The Eagles Vs the Thunders, fight for power.


Young lovers Ashley and Kazzandra are torn apart by family politics and musical warfare. What follows are electric dance offs and lyrical battles in the Sound Clash Arena.


What follows is death, destruction and treachery spread by vengeful leaders on either side. Their aim; to remain in power, using music and the sound clashes, as a weapon for control of the people.


Get ready to dance, as the competition begins… This show is played at maximum volume!

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