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Manal El-Feitury

Manal El-Feitury is a British actress and singer. Her career started in the West End and has seen her in several leading roles in shows such as 'Blues Brothers', 'Respect La Diva', 'Beauty and the Beast' and many more. She was also prominent in the Andrew Lloyd Webber's TV series, 'I'd do anything' (BBC).


She then transitioned to film after landing her first major lead role in a feature film called 'Code Red' (2013). Following that Manal appeared in a short film featuring Salma Hayek called 'I Saved My Bellydancer'.


In 2016 Manal made several appearances on renowned British soap 'Coronation Street' (ITV). She has also appeared in Benidorm (ITV), My Family (BBC) and Plebs (ITV2).


In 2017 Manal decided to spend time abroad to see what Europe had to offer. She was recently one of the 12 finalist in 'X Factor Bulgaria', where she earned rave reviews and many fans.

Manal most recently producer, wrote and starred in a short movie about mental health - 'When Life Goes Viral':

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